Designing an emotional connection as catalyst for sustainability

Themes such as global warming, sustainability and the circular economy dominate current affairs. Even in the design world, not only young designers but also big houses are increasingly paying attention to the use of alternative, more sustainable materials and the end-of-life aspect of their products. While that is certainly a step in the right direction, this publication wants to go even further.

More than focusing on the product itself, this book delves deeper into the emotional, irrational connection users have with a piece of furniture or object, and how this relationship can be shaped. The aim is to design furniture that people can and want to use throughout their lives, based on innovative parameters derived from this.

This inspiration book is the result of a three-year project-based scientific research set up by Prof Dr Dirk van Gogh at Ghent's KASK. On the basis of interviews with him and the other researchers - artist and fashion designer Marina Yee, interior architect Christophe Sonck, performance artist Helena Dietrich and biochemist María Boto Ordóñez - Elien Haentjens compiled the findings textually.

Relational Design is written in Dutch and English.

128pages, 300 x 202mm, paperback
published by Academia Press
2020, NL/EN
ISBN 9789401470681
35 euro