The Future is Now

This project is one of the examples of our collaborations within the Blended Intensive Program opportunities of Erasmus+ and is a continuation of an international collaboration within our Interior Design programme that has been running since 2020.   

From the course unit called Project Internationalization, the collaborative project 'The Future is Now' was launched together with three other schools, Falmouth University (Falmouth, UK), EKA Estonia Arts Academy (Tallinn, Estonia) and MOME University for Arts and Design (Budapest, Hungary). The focus for this project is on 'sustainable' and 'social' design.  

Students are challenged to collaborate through digital means on sustainable development in design and social themes and issues. This year, attention was also given to the current situation around war, war victims and war refugees.  

During the project week, students worked together in teams and online to develop some ideas that respond to very specific self-defined problem statements. The results were presented at the open day. 

This project will be repeated every year and in 2024 it will take place in Ghent, jointly organized with our School of Social Welfare.