Nomadic Film School

This international initiative was created within the Nomadic School of Arts, a project of KASK & Conservatorium that was able to take place through additional funding from Europe (NextGenerationEU).

Nomadic Film School is an experiment that aims to realise a nomadic collaboration between students from two film schools, the KASK and the Film School of Mosul (Iraq).

foto: Angela Alsouliman
foto: Angela Alsouliman

The key questions in this research are : 

  • How can students from different cultural backgrounds who do not know each other, do not speak the same language and cannot meet physically, exchange knowledge and reflect on visual language and culture ?   
  • How can they create film projects together ?   
  • What tools and media can be used to exchange knowledge and realise audiovisual projects through the digital space ?   

This project builds on a collaboration NTGent led by Milo Rau with young artists from Mosul that resulted in the theatre performance “Orestes in Mosul”(in 2019). After the project ended, there was a demand for a more sustainable collaboration. Together, they conceived the plan to establish a film department in the lap of the Institute of Fine Arts in Mosul. A number of actors and filmmakers (including from KASK) travelled to Mosul to work with the students, writing 10 scenarios that were then shot in Mosul, a heavily destroyed city.