academic calendar

The academic year is divided into 2 semesters of 13 weeks (12 teaching weeks and 1 project week for most programmes). The annual calendars of the professional and those of the academic programmes each consist of three examination periods (January, June and August/September). There may be exceptions within certain study programmes. These are communicated separately.

class and exam schedules

You can check your personal class and exam schedule with Asimut. You can login with your HOGENT email and password. Do you have a question about Asimut? Contact

education and exam code

read the code PDF
These regulations are valid for academic year 23-24.

The education and examination code consists of education regulations, containing the main features of the programme, including content and objectives, and examination regulations, containing the fundamental aspects of the examination process, including the periods in which examinations are taken and the organisation of the examination committees.