tuition fee

The tuition fee is the sum of a fixed administrative cost plus an amount per credit the student takes up in the curriculum. Consequently, a student who does not enrol in a full-time curriculum (60 credits) will pay less tuition fee. This fee needs to be paid to HOGENT. For the advanced master programme (contemporary music) and the advanced bachelor programme (landscape development), the postgraduate programmes curatorial studies and musical performance practice, the tuition fees are higher.

Contact with questions about your payment.

These fees apply to students from countries in the EEA (European Economic Area) for the academic year 2023-2024.

non-scholarship students

  • fixed administrative fee: €282,10
  • variable amount based on number of curriculum credits: €13,50
  • standard full-time curriculum: €1092,10

scholarship students

  • fixed administrative fee: € 128,80
  • variable amount based on number of curriculum credits: € 0
  • standard full-time curriculum: € 128,80

concessionary students

  • fixed administrative fee: € 282,10
  • variable amount based on number of curriculum credits: € 4,90
  • standard full-time curriculum: € 576,10

advanced programmes
The final amounts for the following academic year are decided upon each year in May.

  • advanced master contemporary music: € 2500
  • advanced bachelor landscape development: € 2184,20
  • postgraduate curatorial studies: € 2950
  • postgraduate musical performance practice: € 4300

tuition fee for non-EEA students

Some non EEA students belong to a category exempted from paying the increased tuition fee, find more information here.

More info on payment optionsmail

For the academic programs in drama, visual arts audiovisuals arts and music, students belonging to nationalities from outside the EEA will need to pay an increased tuition fee. This is based on art. II.215 of the Flemish Higher Education Codex. These fees apply for the academic year 2023-2024.
  • Fixed administrative amount: €846,30
  • Variable amount per credit: €40,50
  • Model Curriculum of 60 credits: €3276,30
contribution towards study costs

In addition to standard tuition fees, as a student at KASK & Conservatorium you will also pay a contribution towards study costs, also known as studio fees. These fees are associated with specific usage and consumption costs for students. Some examples:

  • photocopies, including extra assignments and exercises, explanations of assignments, text fragments, scores, plans, exams, etc.
  • basic tools and consumables in studios
  • waste disposal of specifically studio-related activities (plaster, metal, wood, analogue photography products, etc.)
  • joint study trips
  • purchase, management, maintenance and repair of loan and user equipment, including instruments, for students in the classrooms, workshops and in the various loan services
  • joint costs in projects and during the project week.

The calculation is done individually based on the programme, the number of credits taken, and the ratio of practice-based credits to the total. In addition, the calculation method differs between bachelor’s and master’s programs. The schedules are included in the Education and Examination Regulations and in a seperate document.


Shortly after (re)enrolling, you will receive a preliminary invoice in your HOGENT mailbox. Please pay this with mention of the structured reference.

The sender of the mail is and the account number is always one of the following:
BE97 3900 9630 1049
BE83 3900 3956 2315
BE22 3900 3950 7347
BE93 3900 3940 2667

refund upon deregistration

Upon deregistration, part of the studio or studio fee already paid can be refunded, depending on the time of deregistration.

scholarships and grants

You can apply for a study grant from the Flemish Government if your income is below the maximum limit. This limit varies depending on the number of points (dependants) in the living unit. If the reference income is a maximum of € 3768 (amount 2023-2024) above the allowed scale, you are recognised as a near scholarship student. This status does not entitle you to a scholarship, but it does entitle you to a reduction in tuition fees. You therefore pay an interim fee.

You can apply for your scholarship yourself and set up your profile at
You will find more information at the Student Services Department (STUVO) of HOGENT.

grants for non-EEA students

KASK & Conservatorium will implement a scholarship system for non-EEA students in the drama, visual arts, audiovisual arts and music fields of study. Annually, scholarships will be disbursed that equal the amount of the increased tuition for non EEA-students (cfr. amounts mentioned hereabove). Scholarships can be awarded to students in a bridging program, preparation program and master program.

estimated study costs

To get an idea of the personal costs apart from the tuition and studio fees, please consult the course details. You will find an estimate of the costs for each course under the heading study costs. If you add up all the amounts for the courses of a particular academic year, you will get an idea of the costs.

For questions related to financial support, it is best to contact the student services department (STUVO).