lending services

Various lending services offering technical equipment are spread around the campuses and buildings of KASK & Conservatorium. They were established to support the students when working on assignments and projects and to support the educational, research and cultural activities of the school of arts.

Students, instructors and researchers can lend a wide variety of equipment ranging from basic equipment (e.g. simple projectors) to extremely specialised equipment (e.g. professional cameras).

general lending service

The catalogue of the lending services can be consulted online on You simply log in with your standard HOGENT details, just like when logging into Chamilo and webmail. You can send a lending request online. The manager of the lending service will consider your request and notify you quickly.

lending service film


KASK & Conservatorium has a number of workshops with highly specialised equipment in the different disciplines. As a student, teacher or researcher, you can make use of this infrastructure no matter which course you are taking. The studio masters will guide you so that everything can proceed safely.


You will find a specialised library on every campus.

Music Library

Kunstenbibliotheek Bijloke brings together the collections of KASK, S.M.A.K., Design museum Gent, STAM, HISK and the Ghent Guides under one roof. It is a specialised visual arts library with a focus on contemporary art, design, Ghent and urbanity.

The Music Library on campus Grote Sikkel includes mainly scores but also methods, studies and exercises for instrument and voice, solfège and music pedagogical works.

academic software

In the software portal you can find all kinds of software used at our school in one convenient place. You can easily download and install the software from the portal. For example, you can apply for a licence for Adobe Creative Cloud here.

Students also have access here to LinkedIn Learning, with a wide range of video courses. Academic Software has its own helpdesk where you can go for start-up or installation problems with any application. It is constantly being added to with even more applications you need for your education or other interesting deals.

printing options

A4 or A3 printers and scanners are available in most studios. Their use is agreed within the studio.

Printing scores or graphic work is an indispensable part of many programmes. Students and teachers have access to large printing, scanning and copying machines right across KASKcafé on the Bijloke campus and on the first floor in campus Grote Sikkel. A student or staff card gives access to the payment system. The procedure for printing can be found on Chamilo. You can reload your student card at

large format

Large-format printers are also available:

  • At the photography print Studio on the 1st floor of the Marissal building on the Bijloke campus. Payment is also by student or staff card. Accessible to all students within opening hours.
  • In the graphic design print studio on the 2nd floor of the Marissal building on the Bijloke campus for graphic design, fashion, textile design and autonomous design students after making an appointment with the studio coordinator.
  • In the printmaking studio on the 2nd floor of the Kunsttoren for dine arts, graphic design, fashion, textile design and autonomous design students after making an appointment with the studio coordinator.