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KASK & Conservatorium offers English-language master programmes in the visual arts, audiovisual arts, drama and music.

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1 or 2 years
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Each year, dozens of foreign students choose the master programmes of our faculty to continue their studies. The presence of students from different international backgrounds is an enrichment for our educational tradition and provides an added value to the training of foreign master students and Flemish students moving on from the Dutch-language bachelor programmes alike.

The programmes are organized so as to facilitate encounters between Dutch-speaking and English-speaking students in informal contexts, in seminars and courses, and even in artistic projects they start up together. There are no differences in curricula, competencies, learning outcomes or organization between the English-language programmes and their Dutch-language counterparts. English-speaking candidates holding a master’s degree in music can also go in for the advanced master contemporary music or one of our postgraduate programmes.

Don’t hesitate to contact the study and learning track counsellors with your questions.


To enter the master's programme, you will take part in an orientation test. These are organised several times per academic year. For an english master you follow the same procedure as for the Dutch-language programme.

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drama, visual arts
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  1. George Chinnery, some sort of informal situation, vrije kunsten, Graduation 2023, photo: Giada Cicchetti
  2. photo: Benina Hu
  3. Rui Yan, Graduation 2023, photo: Giada Cicchetti