12.05.22 – 14.05.22, Fresh Flakes & In exile / في المنفى, dramavoorstelling van Alicia Andries, Robbe Vandenven & Marah Haj

Dramavoorstelling van Alicia Andries, Robbe Vandenven & Marah Haj

Gedurende zes weken werkten Alicia, Marah en Robbe het afgelopen academiejaar samen aan een voorstelling voor hun dramaproject. Met hun verschillende werkvormen (Marah behaalde eerder een bachelor dans aan het Koninklijk Conservatorium van Antwerpen) daagden ze elkaar uit in allerlei improvisatie-oefeningen. Samen schreven, speelden en choreografeerden ze. De afgelopen 2 weken hebben ze de keuze gemaakt om verder te gaan in een duet (Alicia en Robbe) getiteld Fresh Flakes en een solo (Marah) onder de naam In exile / في المنفى .

Over Fresh Flakes:

“Who did that to the poor baby birds?”

“I don’t know. Maybe it was a cuckoo.”


“Because it needed a nest.”

“Why doesn’t it just make its own nest?”

“Because that’s nature, that’s just the way things are.”

“I don’t like the way things are. They’re terrible.”

“Well, it’s only horrible sometimes” (Finnegan, 2019, 0:03:13)

Two figures wanting to be saved. Sometimes they are friends and seem to know each other. Other times they seem like total strangers. When do you get to the point of being friends? What can you expect from them? They try to make the incomprehensible understandable. They confess, they are honest, they mourn, they lie. Things seem to go on forever, they get into a rut. Ultimately, it is temporality that they fear most.

Creatie en performance: Alicia Andries en Robbe Vandenven

Tekst: Cleansed (Sarah Kane), The Birthday Party (Harold Pinter), Alicia Andries en Robbe Vandenven

Kostuum en scenografisch advies: Alessia Liccardi

Dank aan: Mieja Hollevoet, Bauke Lievens, Simon De Winne, Carolina Maciel de França, Bardia Mohamm and Jara Vlaeminckx

Bewerkt beeld: Aaron Johnson

Content warning: mention of suicide, violence


Over In exile / في المنفى :

A figure tries to get hold of the routine that draws her life. The routine that cannot define neither her beginning nor her possible end.

صمت يميّز المساحة الملتفة

حول كينونة تلك الانسانة

كشال يحميها من عصف الرياح الباردة

حرارة تروي حنجرتها


انت جزء من دائرة

تتغير أبعاد الأقطار داخلها

بتقلّصها أو تشعّبها

بقدر ما تسمح الظروف.

دائرة من خط لولبي

بدايته نقطة تقع عند بيت الجارة

يطوف حول البنايات والحدائق

ليعطف حدودها

محددا موقعها,


ونوع التربة,

رنين ايقاع اللغة,

نبرة الحديث,

وصدى الضحك أو الاندفاع.

ضحكت الحجارة تحت كفات قدميها


صوّبت نظراتها اليّ

بعد أن دارت حول العالم

ومن الخارج الى الداخل



Stillness marks the space wrapped

around her being,

like a scarf that protects her from the blowing of the cold wind.

heat that hydrates her throat

so that she gets warm.

You are a part of a circle

in which its diameters change

by shrinking or spreading

according to what the conditions allow.

A spiral

where its beginning point is at the door of the neighbor

that roams around crossing all borders

specifies her location,

her root,

the type of earth,

the ringing of the melodic language,

the tone of speech,

and the echo of laughter or impulsiveness.

The stones giggled underneath her feet

and so she fell.

She shot her gaze at me

after she has toured the world around

and from outside to inside

she smiled.

Creatie en performance: Marah Haj Hussein

Veel dank aan: Mieja Hollevoet, Bauke Lievens, Simon De Winne, Carolina Maciel de França, Bardia Mohammad, Jara Vlaeminckx, Maria Zandvliet, Agnese Forlani, Fiene Zasada and Khadija El Kharraz Alami

Bewerkt beeld: Aaron Johnson

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