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17.06.24 – 18.06.24, This is not a love song, master project by Joshua Smits and Fiene Zasada

This is not a love song is the graduation performance by Joshua Smits and Fiene Zasada, in collaboration with Luca Persan. They created a performance based on personal desires, their own view of intimacy and the urge for love and friendship.

This is not a love song
is an ode to imagination. Two people, on a bed, closed off from the outside world. They want to be both loved and in love. To satisfy those desires, they seek connection with each other. Forcing each other into positions in order to feel something. Something real. Something big. Something compelling. What if the imagination is boundless? How real can it become then?


  • concept, tekst & spel: Joshua Smits, Fiene Zasada
  • dramaturgy: Luca Persan 
  • coaching: Lucie Plasschaert
  • final direction: Luca Persan, Lucie Plasschaert
  • costumes: Joshua Smits
  • mentors: Jan Steen, Scarlet Tummers, Bauke Lievens, Frederik Le Roy
  • technics: Luca Persan
  • image poster: Arthur Loontjens
  • poster: Malique Fye
  • thanks to: Laurens Aneca, Bardia Mohammad, Valerie Desmet, Kato Lights, Louis Verlinde, De Kazematten, CAMPO, Gouvernement, KASK DRAMA, laGeste, LOD Muziektheater, our classmates, Fugazi
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Campo Victoria
Fratersplein 7,
9000 Gent
17.06.2024, 20:30
18.06.2024, 18:00