23.11.17, 20:00, KASKlezing + Curatorial Studies: Eva Barois de Caevel

Eva Barois De Caevel (based in Paris) is an independent curator, writer, and researcher.

Invited by KASK to present her curatorial practice through a lecture and a meeting with the students of the curatorial studies program, she proposed to discuss this traditional communication structure: « When you are invited to stand in front of other people as a speaker, it implies, of course, that you are in a position of doing it — that you are in some way ‘a specialist’ of something that is supposed to interest these people —, but I became convinced that it implies also some sort of unsaid presupposition about your being ‘successful’, whatever it means ». She would like to give the students an opportunity to discuss, through a workshop, what are the feelings they experience when confronted to this kind of structural power relationships — how do they receive, enjoy, or feel the pressure of the « narratives of success » imposed on us in a neoliberal world. She invites them to reflect on one of the paradigmatic embodiment of these narratives of success: the narrative biography — a form that has become so common to read/ask/provide ; a form, in our postcolonial world, that is also one of these « tools » able to exclude segments of the world from (potential) sources of prosperity.

The content of the lecture will be decided in discussion with the students.