01.02.24, 20:00, Lucile Desamory, Glodie Mubikay en Gustave Fundi

In 2020, the film TÉLÉ RÉALITÉ was released, a collaborative effort among artists Lucile Desamory, Glodie Mubikay, and Gustave Fundi. These three artists reside in different locations across Belgium and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The film's entire conception and planning occurred through messenger apps, and it was simultaneously filmed in both Belgium and Congo. The three directors first met when Desamory began editing the material. In this lecture, they reflect on this process and look forward to their new film, where they reversed the collaborative roles. This upcoming film will be initiated, edited, and completed by Mubikay and Fundi.

Lucile Desamory is fascinated by the boundaries of perception, the concept of 'too much,' and the falsified aspects present in rejected narratives. She expresses herself through painting, drawing, embroidery, photography, collage, singing, and filmmaking, combining these techniques into larger structures like installations, films, radio plays, and live performances. 

Gustave Fundi Mwamba, also known as FM, began his artistic career as an actor and model, producing his first short film, Mampocha, in 2010. 

Glodie Mubikay, functioning as a producer, focuses on themes related to daily life and their connection to Congolese traditional rituals. In addition to his role as a producer, Mubikay is also involved as an actor, director, screenwriter, and producer. In 2012, he co-founded Osimbi Oziki Studios with Gustave Fundi and Ray Tambwe, serving as a research and production laboratory for audiovisual and performing arts, producing fiction, documentaries, and experimental videos.

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