23.08.24 – 25.08.24, Luke Horner, Enric Roda Beltran & Naomi James Schatteman, UNTITLED (Tenor, Pianist, Dancer)

A tenor, a pianist, and a dancer perform together in which they question the straitjacket within which they are supposed to move and perform. “Our bodies as tenor, pianist, and dancer – in everything we do – all carry rules and regulations with them. Is there a way to free ourselves from that?”

In UNTITLED (Tenor, Pianist, Dancer) the audience gets to see snapshots from those three worlds and throughout history. Through choreographed improvisation, no two performances are the same. Breaking all possible rules is seen as a method of arriving at something unexpected and outside of convention. Cross disciplinary. Expect nothing and lose yourself, just like the performers. Open your senses, discover and feel.

bijloke wonderland
During Bijloke Wonderland, KASK & Conservatorium presents music, theatre, performance and visual art by students in the courtyard garden, in a former electricity cabin, in a historic tapestry room of STAM and on the bühnes of LOD and International Opera Academy.
Studio IOA
Bijlokekaai 6,
9000 Gent
23.08.2024, 20:30
25.08.2024, 18:30