15.08.24 – 01.09.24, Seppe Claerbout, Petite Diva et Le Janet 

The circus as a diva seeking for attention. In Petite Diva et Le Janet, Seppe Claerbout tries to recreate a circus-like environment to catch the attention of possible visitors. People recognize the colours and shapes and perhaps expect to enter a happy place full of entertainment.

Nevertheless, this place does not function as a spectale, it is rather a place of shame and misery. Expression as an unintentional act for people to look and laugh at. Petit Diva is a tent-shaped inflatable character who’s present inside De Kabine, which functions as a temporarycircus tent itself. When deflated, Petite Diva tries to blend in. While inflating, she asks for all possible attention of the present people. Or does she not? It is a game of hide and seek, of shouting and whispering. Can you ignore her, or is she too present for you?

The other character in the room, is called Le Janet. It is an extroverted figure who tries to communicate with Petite Diva. Le Janet is the product of personal experience. It is a digital being trapped in an old TV, capable of transforming. Some could think Petite Diva is the body and Le Janet is the mind.

Seppe Claerbout invites people to enter De Kabine and see/hear the conversations between the two characters. Is their a narrative to unravel? Why are they present in a circus-like environment? Are they allowed to laugh?

Petite Diva et Le Janet is a follow-up on a performance Claerbout made earlier this year. It is a research to narrating an exhibition/installation while using the present elements as performers.

bijloke wonderland
During Bijloke Wonderland, KASK & Conservatorium presents music, theatre, performance and visual art by students in the courtyard garden, in a former electricity cabin, in a historic tapestry room of STAM and on the bühnes of LOD and International Opera Academy.
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