31.08.24, 15:00, Rhizome Ensemble, Après un rêve

The Rhizome Ensemble (Francisco Rojas Huertas & Eleonora Serani) crafts a concert programme that explores our shared journey of learning from different influences, a theme exemplified by the dynamic ethos of Bijloke Wonderland. The Ensemble aims to showcase this collective evolution by delving into impressionism. This period in musical history is marked by a fusion of diverse cultural influences, as melodies and motifs from around the world converged in Europe, profoundly shaping the composition process. With a focus on harp and flute, the programme invites audiences to immerse themselves in the enchanting sounds and evocative narratives of impressionist music, embodying the spirit of cultural exchange and creative exploration.

During Bijloke Wonderland, KASK & Conservatorium presents music, theatre, performance and visual art by students in the courtyard garden, in a former electricity cabin, in a historic tapestry room of STAM and on the bühnes of LOD and International Opera Academy.
STAM - Baudelozaal
Godshuizenlaan 2,
9000 Gent