photo, Johan Pijpops

17.08.24 – 18.08.24, Michelle Van Neste & Mette Vermeire, Bouncing in Two

In 'Bouncing in two', Michelle and Mette push the boundaries of interaction. These two performers come together for the first time and communicate through play. A performative act in which every interaction becomes a new invention. 

A show with tennis balls and more!

"Boldly Bouncing into Baldness without making you scared, while throwing tennisBalls."

bijloke wonderland
During Bijloke Wonderland, KASK & Conservatorium presents music, theatre, performance and visual art by students in the courtyard garden, in a former electricity cabin, in a historic tapestry room of STAM and on the bühnes of LOD and International Opera Academy.
LOD studio
Bijlokekaai 3,
9000 Gent
17.08.2024, 20:30
17.08.2024, 21:15
18.08.2024, 17:30
18.08.2024, 18:15