20.02.24, 19:30, Marguerite van den Berg, Vijf dingen die we nu kunnen doen om werk te weigeren

Work stands in the way of a new world. Everyone is tired, no one has time. It is crucial to imagine new worlds. To do so, we need to be better equipped and relate to each other differently. How can we usher in an end of work? Or perhaps better: in what world does that become possible? An end is always also a beginning, a 'no' always also generative. What 'yeses' can we find together when we say 'no' to work? And how can we already practice with that new world?

After her lecture, Marguerite will talk to editor and rekto:verso coordinator Hannelore Roth.

  •  Marguerite van den Berg writes about work, feminism, the city and informal organisation. She published 'Work is not a solution' (AUP), a book on work and work refusal, in 2021. She works as an associate professor at Utrecht University in the Netherlands.
  • Hannelore Roth is core editor and coordinator at rekto:verso. She previously worked as a postdoctoral researcher in literary and cultural studies at KU Leuven. Her areas of expertise are German literature, gender and (precarious) work. She is also an editor at the journal COLLATERAL - Online Journal for Cross-Cultural Close Reading, and works as a literary translator. Seasonal Labour, her translation of Saisonarbeit by Heike Geißler, was published by balanseer.

MIRY is wheelchair accessible via a lift to the first floor. Live Dutch-language subtitles will be provided for this lecture.

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