30.04.24, 19:30, Naima Charkaoui, Farewell to our deadly borders

Borders direct our movement. They determine who and what can go where, or just barely. For some people, the world is like a village, while thousands of others lose their lives on Europe's external borders. Those same borders also guide our thinking. We cannot imagine that borders would be very different from the way we know them today. Those who argue for open borders put themselves outside the debate. Can we say goodbye to our view of borders? And why is that so difficult?

After her lecture, Naima Charkaoui will talk to artist Thomas Bellinck.

  • Naima Charkaoui studied political science at Ghent University. She has been working on human rights, inequality and racism since 2001. She currently works in the field of international solidarity, before that in the children's rights sector and previously she headed the Minorities Forum for over 10 years. She published several books: 'Racism, about wounds and resilience' (also translated into French as 'Le racisme, une histoire de blessures et de résilience)', 'The open borders manifesto' and the children's book 'Racism, stop the pain' (i.c.w. Ikrame Kastit and Uit de Marge)
  • Thomas Bellinck is a Brussels-based artist whose documentary practice branches into theatre, installation art, TV, ... He is best known for his work on state-sanctioned violence, memory politics and mobility inequality.

This lecture will take place at the MIRY Concert Hall. The venue is wheelchair accessible via a lift to the first floor. Live Dutch-language subtitles will be provided for this lecture.

Anyone with further questions about accessibility facilities should contact the organisation: On site, questions can be put to the job student at the desk.

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