Bauke Lievens (BE, 1985) works as a dramaturg, maker, teacher and artistic researcher in various performing arts disciplines. Bauke studied Theater Studies at the UGent and Philosophy of Contemporary Art at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (ES). Since 2012 she has been associated with the Drama programme at KASK & CONSERVATORIUM (Ghent) as a master mentor, artistic researcher and teacher. As a guest lecturer, she has been associated with the MA Contemporary Circus Practices at Uniarts (Stockholm, SE) since 2018. Her teaching practice has a strong focus on intersectional feminism, affect theory, gender, disability and critical black studies. Since 2013, Bauke has worked as artistic research and project coordinator of The Circus Dialogues, a set of artistic research projects that focus on the relationship between theory and practice in contemporary circus. She has published several texts and books on artistic research in contemporary circus, including Thinking Through Circus (APE) (2020, co-edited with Sebastian Kann, Quintijn Ketels & Vincent Focquet). As a dramaturg, she worked with Théâtre d'un Jour, (BE), Cie Un loup pour l'homme (FR), les ballets C de la B/Kaori Ito (BE), Tibaldus, (BE) Camille Paycha (BE), Floor Van Leeuwen/Schwalbe (NL) and Geert Belpaeme (BE), among others. 

She is currently preparing the creation of Armour (2024) together with dancers Arno Ferrera (CH), Gilles Pollet (BE) & Charlie Phoenix Hession (UK). As a dramaturg, Bauke seeks to develop a practice for embodied dialogue. Since September 2022, she has been exploring other forms of embodied knowledge development such as tarot, peace, permaculture and Deep Democracy. In addition to her practice as a dramaturg, Bauke also creates her own work, such as the performances ANECKXANDER (2015, laureaut KBC Prize TAZ and Aerowaves) and Raphäel (2017) - both with circus artist and choreographer Alexander Vantournhout. In 2020, she won an Ultima in the Circus category for her work as a dramaturg, creator and artistic researcher. Bauke was a long-time member of the editorial board of Circus magazine, the broader editorial board of Etcetera and Rekto:Verso (2017-2024).