Hanne De Vos, teacher

Hanne De Vos (Ghent, 1986) is an architect and has worked at B-architecten since 2014. She previously worked for architect Eddy François, where she gained experience in a series of architectural commissions and in organising 'classroom' lectures where young and experienced designers debated with each other.  

After studying architecture, Hanne took a master's degree in cultural management at the UA. She wrote her thesis on the operations of l'Escaut architects (founder Olivier Bastin) in Brussels.  

At B-architecten, Hanne specialised in recent years as an architect in complex renovation and participation projects of various scales and programmes. 

As the person in charge of 'B-geester', she takes care of the mission of this core group within B-architects: to inspire employees and/or let them inspire each other. This by monitoring and propagating B-mission and B-vision throughout the organisation, within the four divisions (B-architects, B-bis, B-city and B-juxta), in the teams and at individual level. Among other things, she organises the monthly lecture series 'B-café', where internal and external speakers alternate. Furthermore, as team leader she manages a cell of about 10 architects, while following up her own projects as project leader.