Hans Lamal, teacher

Hans Lamal is known as a versatile pianist-composer-improviser. He graduated at the Royal Conservatories of Music of Brussels and Ghent and at the Salzburg Mozarteum with the highest distinction. Apart from his classical training, he specialises in improvising and composing. Being fascinated by jazz and ethnical music, he develops a typical style which is a blend of these and other genres with classical influences and structures.

As a performing pianist and improviser, several international music- and film festivals invited him. Hans composes for all kinds of ensembles, from piano solo to string orchestra and symphonic orchestra. He composes for theatre and dedicates himself lately to composing music for films and documentaries.

Hans Lamal is a demanded teacher at international master classes and teaches improvisation at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Ghent and piano at the Academy of Music in Overijse. He is also preparing some permanent projects in Indonesia.