Joost Vanmaele is a pianist, researcher and teacher, and is active at different levels of arts and music education. Joost teaches at the Conservatory of his hometown Bruges; he is a professor of ‘Keyboard Didactics’ and ‘Research in Art Agogics and Didactics’ at KASK & Conservatorium; and is coordinator and faculty member at docARTES, an international and inter-university PhD programme for practice-based research in musical arts, managed by the Ghent-based Orpheus Institute. 

Joost also serves on the editorial board of Forum+ for Research in the Arts, the peer-reviewed journal for research and arts in the Lowlands. In 2017, Joost earned his doctorate from the Academy for Creative and Performing Arts in Leiden with a dissertation titled The Informed Performer: Towards a Bio-Culturally Informed Performers’ Practice.