Karin de Fleyt is a renowned international flutist specialising in contemporary classical music. She works with many composers, always looking for innovations, including 10 years with Karlheinz Stockhausen. Karin is flutist in the Hermes Ensemble and as a freelancer she plays in various orchestras and international ensembles. Together with Carla Rees, she founded the duo NewFLow, which focuses on new repertoire for low flutes. Karin taught flute at the Leeds Conservatoire (2012-2021) and has been a subject teaching specialist in the educational master's programme at KASK & Conservatorium Gent since 2009. 

At the Conservatoire of Antwerp (KCA), Karin is coordinator of the research group CORPoREAL ( and department chair for woodwind Classical. After two research projects at the KCA ‘from Zero to Void: Creative encounters between Mary Bauermeister and Karlheinz Stockhausen' (2015-2016) and ‘Sonore Continuum - a look at intermedial instrumental theatre with Lucien Goethals’ (2018-2019), Karin is currently doing a PhD in the Arts entitled Perspectives on time in the music by Stockhausen, the experience of a performer.