Laetitia Gendre, teacher

Laetitia Gendre’s drawing practice is both thoughtful and compulsive, bringing this medium at the crossroads of several disciplines. Her work often materialises in sculptural or even architectural proposals that interact with the space around them and sometimes flirt with the performative dimension. While carefully crafting the articulations and ambiguities at stake in her work, Gendre aims for efficiency and simplicity of means and is wary of virtuosity. Among the many societal themes that underlie her proposals, stands in particular the questions of structural violence or surveillance, but the trajectories she proposes are always exploring areas where different realities, spaces or states of mind converge. 

Her work juxtaposes elements as divergent as the history of perspective with roller coasters or shooting targets, Warburg's atlas with Z-movie posters, or electronic surveillance with animal painting and comics... The cross-references offer multiple possibilities of interpretation and often reveal a tongue in cheek sense of humour.

Since 2019, Gendre has also been pursuing a series of pencil drawings on A4 paper, a kind of spontaneous diary that she posts on Instagram. Laetitia Gendre is represented by Galerie Thomas Fischer in Berlin.