Laura Palau, researcher

Laura Palau (Benlloc, 1993) studied Fine Arts in Valencia, Spain (UPV), she also joined national and international master programmes, seminars and workshops, such as MA Photography & Society in The Hague, The Netherlands, and MA Artistic Production in Valencia, Spain (UPV). As well as workshops conducted by Joan Foncuberta, Laia Abril, Isidoro Valcárcel Medina, among others.  

Her image-based and time-based practice reacts to climatic and social emergencies, it is often collaborative and participatory. She collaborates with the public and communities by turning them into participatory laboratories. Based on feminist and indigenous thinking and the rural knowledge in which she grew up, her work weaves together rituals of care, trying to reconcile dichotomies such as human vs. nature, rural vs. urban and local vs. global, intending to deconstruct such distinctions, established primarily by Western academia.  

Since 2017, her work has been shown internationally in PhotoEspaña (ES), Dupho (NL), Helsinki Photomedia Conference (FI), IVAM (ES), CCCC (ES), Torino PhotoFestival (IT), EAC (ES), PALMA Festival (FR), among others. And lately awarded by La Caixa Fellowships Abroad, and 30 women under 30 by ARTPIL. Currently, she is developing research on grafting and pruning applied to artistic practice in the academic context of KASK & Conservatorium.