I’m a Belgian pianist and performer of mostly contemporary classical music, with a great fondness for complex (post) modern repertoire. On the podium or in the studio, solo or in ensembles, I always aim for a well-informed and honest performance, with passion but without frills.

Because of my interest in classical music inspired by popular music, I studied jazz for some years, resulting in a recording of Finnissy’s Gershwin cycles. Through my interest in Japanese traditional and contemporary classical music, I re-discovered the sound potential of the piano. This already resulted in a recording of the complete piano works by Takemitsu, a première recording of Triadic by Hori, and an album with music by Nishimura and Takahashi (Keitaro). Many other recordings can be found on my Spotify artist page or YouTube channel.

My desire to be a well-informed artist led to a PhD in complex contemporary piano music (at KASK & Conservatorium), and post-doctoral projects on HIP of Brahms’ music (at the Orpheus Institute, Ghent) and contemporary Japanese piano music (at KASK & Conservatorium).

Apart from performing solo music, I’m an experienced ensemble performer, from duos to large ensembles with or without a conductor and orchestra. I always aim to broaden my horizons, keeping up to date with pop, rock, and prog, occasionally performing or recording in these styles or crossover settings.