Rob Breyne, teacher

Rob Breyne (1973) can be characterized by a very eclectic career and sphere of interests. Master in Audiovisual Arts graduating option Animation Film, illustrator, cinephile, ICT teacher, ICT help desk, mechanic, script doctor, out-of-blackbox audiovisual maker, 15 years regular visitor artcinema OFFoff, KASK as second home via a.o. Proka since 1977, OC chairman Audiovisual Arts (2010-2014), Bachelor coordinator Animation Film (2020-2023), boomeranger, ex-motorcyclist after half a million kilometres, salsa and ballroom dancer, pinball wizard, rotation pool player, restorer early solid state pinball circuit boards and machines.  

Broke a years-long drawing blockage by studying painting in SASK Deinze with a major focus on drawing from live models.  

Rob has taught part-time at KASK since 2000 and works as an artistic teacher in the Animation study path at KASK & Conservatorium. He is also a contact for students 2Ba. Lessons include animation drawing, editing, studio 2Ba & 3Ba, quick sketches live model.