Saskia Westerduin, teacher

Saskia Westerduin studied Free Graphics at KASK Ghent and later also obtained a master's degree in Graphic Design there. There she taught Graphic Design and Interior Design, set up the non-profit organisation Design in Ghent, started Ministry of Makers (a platform that promotes and facilitates creative and innovative entrepreneurship in Ghent and East Flanders), outlined a new curriculum for the music programme at KASK & Conservatorium and gave the Master seminar 'The added value of integrated Communication: the Language of the Image and the Image of the Word'.   

Today, she teaches the subject Initiation Field of Design where she introduces students to the needs and opportunities in the field and teaches them to use their skills as designers in innovative thinking and co-creation processes. Based on her expertise in System and Design thinking, she coaches students in writing their theses and supervises research projects. 

Saskia has her own Innovation Agency 'Apollo18' with which she facilitates companies, organisations, cities and municipalities in setting up sustainable and solution-oriented participatory projects and processes. She freelances at Cultuurloket for which she guides arts workers and organisations in realising a value-driven business and funding plan.   

In 2023 - together with Tania Berkovitch and Wim Opbrouck - she founded the non-profit organisation 'IOBZ' (het Instituut voor Onderzoek van de Betovering der Zeeën) in which they connect art, Science & Economy with an entirely unique narrative and bring the story of the Off-Shore world On-Shore.