Simon De Poorter, teacher

Simon De Poorter was born in Gent in 1980. With the diploma Latin-modern languages at his disposal he started his studies at the Conservatory of Ghent, where he graduated in 2009 as a master in composition. In 2010 he completed the specific teacher training in music. In addition to this he specialized in harmony, counterpoint and fugue.

He has been a laureate in several composition contests – ISME Composition Contest, Composition Contest Koor en Stem, etc. – and his music pieces have been executed by renowned soloists, choirs, ensembles and orchestras such as the Spectra Ensemble, Timur Sergeyenia, the Flemish Radio Choir, the Aquarius Choir, etc.

He is also working as a lecturer at MUDA Evergem and at CAZ Oostende.