Wim Konink, head of department, teacher

Wim Konink studied at the Conservatories of Amsterdam and Brussels. He graduated cum laude in Amsterdam .

As a (solo) percussionist, he played concerts throughout Europe and Australia. Mostly, works were especially written for him by composers such as Philippe Boesmans, Frederic Rzewski, Tera Day Oyens, Peter Vermeersch, Frank Nuyts, Luc Brewaeys etc.

He also played in various contemporary music ensembles, orchestras and music theatre including Spectra Ensemble, Musique Nouvelle, Muziektheater Lod, Orkater, Nationaal Toneel, Scapino Ballet, Walpurgis. He currently is member of the ensemble Massive Central with Dick van der Harst.There are more than 30 CD's with his input as a percussionist.