Yannick Peeters, teacher

Belgian bassplayer Yannick Peeters started playing bass as a teenager.

She graduated at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp with Piet Verbist and Gulli Gudmundson. During and after her studies she attended a lot of workshops in Dworp (Belgium), Szalburg (Austria), Banff (Canada) with Nic Thys, Mark Dresser, Matt Penman, Ben Street.

She participated with the Erasmus exchange program that brought her to Göthenborg, Sweden, where she studied with Anders Jormin.

She toured with 22 Strings And a Piece Of Wood with Jakob Bro, Frantz Loriot, Steven Delannoye, Serafine Stragier and Kristof Roseeuw.

She participated and recorded with Guillaume Vierset Harvest, the musical theatre production of Claron McFadden ‘Aubergine’, with Natashia Kelly ‘Dear Darkening Ground’ with Dre Pallemaerts, Nicola Adrioli and Ruben Machtelinckx. She toured and recorded with Peter Jacquemyn’s Fundament- a band consisting of 12 musicians that play the lower instruments. Recently she joined the band of drummer Jelle Van Giel and she participated and recorded with the project of Anke Verslype and Willem Heylen ‘Games & Motives’ with Jozef Dumoulin, Lynn Cassiers and Frans Van Isacker.

She formed her own band GingerBlackGinger, with Frederik Leroux, Frans Van Isacker and Tom Rainey. They made a recording for the record label W.E.R.F., which will be released in January 2024.