Ziya Lemin

Icarus, come (trailer)

I found a little bird on the footpath, behind the corner of my house. We became roommates and close friends. Connected by our otherness, locked within the four walls of my room. While scrolling back through the memories on my iPhone camera roll, Icarus gradually transcends his avian nature and slowly transforms into an image himself, inviting some delicate reflection on the nature of the human-pet relationship in our back pocket.

Camera: Ziya Lemin
Additional camera: Jolke Van Aerde, Martijn Van de Wiele
Sound: Martijn Van de Wiele, Katerina Indesteege
Editing & post-production: Ziya Lemin
Foley artist: Flo Van Deuren
Foley technician: Arnout Colaert
Mixage: Michel Coquette

Ziya Lemin graduated with this project as a master in fine arts, 2023.
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