Raindo Siagian
Untitled - Curated by Rosyelinda

Siagian’s creative process uncovers a path that allows him to explore his mother’s life philosophy. Beneath her parental methods, characterized by strict adherence to tradition and profound wisdom, lies a hidden treasure of faith. Siagian experiences that criticism takes shapes in the form of a poetic bridge, connecting the purity of one’s existence as both a human being and an artist.

Since Siagian entered into this vast world, his mother has tirelessly nurtured him, ensuring he is never left with an empty glass.

During Siagian’s research, he invited his mother, Rosyelinda, to collaborate and curate his work. Rosyelinda understanding her son’s decision to leave everything behind and embark on a journey of self-discovery through artistic expression perceives it as merely a pastime, something pursued only when ample free time is available.

Siagian asserts that there is a significant price to pay for this so-called “free time”, as it enables him to create a piece that reflects life itself.

Raindo Siagian graduated with this project as a master in fine arts, 2023.
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