Quinten Vanagt
Futures Lost

Futures Lost is an art installation that explores the paradigm shifts and dualities of digital media and our human existence. On this journey, we unravel and exhibit the enchanting and disenchanting forces of our time. We take you on an exploration of how digital images and information influence and transform our perception. The installation invites you to introspection and dialogue, challenging prevailing structures and ways of thinking while embracing subversive approaches. Experience the tension between enchantment and disenchantment, fascination, and critical reflection. Explore the deeper layers of our technological reality and create space for new insights and possibilities.

Quinten Vanagt, Futures Lost, Graduation 2023, photo's: Rembert De Prez

Futures Lost is an installation that arose from a multi-year collaboration with Cesar Vromman (Master’s student Drama).

Quinten Vanagt graduated with this project as a master in fine arts, 2023.
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