De kunstpraktijk als ervarings- en reflectiemodel

In his book Mooi is Nuttig, artist Kristof Van Gestel focuses on the role of art in his life. This book does not describe just any art, but rather the art Van Gestel makes, and the experiences this artist has had within that art practice. In this honest book, the author reflects on the search for meaning while making his art. Gradually, Van Gestel discovers ways in which the individual in general gives and can give meaning to the world around him. In this way, the making of art acquires great personal and, above all, social significance.

This book was published as part of the doctoral research project ‘Zelfcreatie: een postproductie’, from 2007 till 2013 at KASK & Conservatorium, HOGENT.

252 pages, 24,5 x 16,5 cm, ill., softcover
published by AraMER
2013, NL
ISBN 9789490693701