Has our handling of death changed in recent years in the West? How can we develop more sustainable spaces for farewells in a secular context? Can a collaboration between the arts and healthcare sectors contribute to wellness-enhancing alternatives to farewell rituals? Does the co-creation of new rituals create more social cohesion and thus more sustainability in society? These and so many more questions were at the basis of a research project conducted over the past three years at the KASK & Conservatorium HOGENT under the title 'Open End'. It is mainly in the encounter between health care and the arts, in the in-between space, that this research into new spaces for (farewell) rituals was conducted. Just by steering these domains off the beaten path, a plurality in (form) language and an innovative view of physical and mental space could be

164 pages, 21,3 × 31,8 cm, softcover
published by AraMER
2018, NL
ISBN 9789089319586
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