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To start in the master in music, you need either a bachelor in performing music (for the master in classical music or jazz/pop), or a bachelor in composing music (for the master in music production, composition or music theory).

diploma rating

After submitting your application for a master's program, the admissions officer and track counselors will evaluate your degree. This may affect the program you can attend.

Evaluation Criteria

To determine whether your bachelor's degree is a professional bachelor's degree or an academic bachelor's degree, we look at the length of your undergraduate studies, the course load, the courses you took, the school's mission statement, the possibility of pursuing a master's degree in the school where you earned your bachelor's degree, etc. ... We also consult various national and international diploma rating databases ...

We classify your degree into one of the following categories: an academic bachelor's degree (or equivalent), a professional bachelor's degree (or equivalent), an academic bachelor's degree earned in another artistic discipline, a master's degree or a post-master's degree. This determines which program you are admitted to.

Academic bachelor's degree

Holders of an academic bachelor can gain direct admission to the master's program when they pass the orientation interview/audition/intake.

Professional bachelor

Holders of a professional bachelor will need to complete a transition program before gaining admission to the master's programs. The transition program consists of a set number of courses from the third bachelor year. The curriculum is determined by the orientation committee in consultation with the track counselors. In some cases a part of the transition program can be exempted and a combination with subjects from the master's program is possible.

Academic bachelor in another artistic discipline

Holders of an academic bachelor's degree in another artistic discipline may have to take a preparatory program before they are admitted to the master's programs. The preparation program consists of a number of courses from the bachelor's programs. The composition of the program is determined by the jury of the orientation committee and track counselors. In some cases this program can already be combined with part of the master program.

bridging program for the master

If you wish to begin a master's program, but do not have the appropriate underlying bachelor's degree, you may, in some cases, follow a bridging program. In such cases, it is best to contact your study program supervisor. Applying for a bridging or preparatory program follows the same procedure as for the master program.

language requirements

You can study all our master's programs in Dutch or English. There are no formal level requirements for English in the master programs, but the Vantage B2 level is strongly recommended.