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Campus Bijloke

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Campus Grote Sikkel

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Campus Buda

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Formlab is a research project and workshop focusing on the field between the digital and the physical and new technologies. It is supported by the Scientific Research Fund. Both researchers and students of KASK & Conservatorium can go there to 'digitize something tangible or make something digital tangible'. You only pay for the material you use.


For the benefit of researchers at the Conservatorium, a sound laboratory was set up a few years ago. Here, precise acoustic measurements and analyses can be carried out, projects on sound synthesis and on the interaction between man and machine can be developed and tested.


The Herculeslab is an audiovisual lab for Ph.D. students at KASK & Conservatorium.


Laboratorium is the experimental lab for art/design and biotechnology at KASK & Conservatorium that focuses on exploring different interactions between art, science and technology.

Zwarte Zaal

Polyvalent black box of 640 m².
Zwarte Zaallocation

Glazen Gang

Multifunctional presentation area bathed in natural light.
Glazen Ganglocation


Authentically restored auditorium with approximately 120 seats.


Exhibition space in the unusual architectural setting of the former Clinical and Polyclinical Institute.


Fully technically equipped cinema with 86 seats.

MIRY concert hall

Concert hall with 504 seats spread over a ground floor and a balcony. Famed for its acoustic qualities for chamber music, among other things.
MIRY concert halllocation

Club telex

Concert club with a capacity of 150 people. Equipped with a professional sound system with D&B speakers and a Yamaha QL5 digital live mixing console.
Club telexlocation

Bijloke music studio

Perfectly equipped recording studio centrally located in downtown Ghent.
Bijloke music studiolocation

Printmaking studio

Located on the second floor of the Kunsttoren building, the print making studio houses screen printers, laser cutters, digital printers and scanners.
Printmaking studiolocation

Wood workshop

The wood workshop is located on campus Bijloke in the building on Bijlokekaai. Here you can do all your sawing, planing and wood construction work. You will work with woodworking machines such as a seven-axled milling robot and a pillar drill. Before you can start, you will be given the necessary technical and safety instructions.
Wood workshoplocation

Ceramics workshop

The ceramics studio in the corridor of the sculpture workshops houses a ceramic kiln but also a lot of technical expertise and experience.
Ceramics workshoplocation


The Kunstenbibliotheek is located in a 17th-century building referred to as the abbess's house. The abbess's house was a guesthouse belonging to the former Cistercian abbey founded in the 14th century. The sisters of the abbey served the adjacent hospital.

Music Library

The Music Library is located in De Wijnaert. This monumental building in neo-classical style is the headquarters of HOGENT. Apart from the library, the building also houses classrooms and offices.
Music Librarylocation


Cosy lunch café with large sunny terrace on the Bijloke site.


Without a doubt the most beautiful terrace in Ghent city centre. An oasis of peace a stone's throw from Sint Baafs. Open after the concerts in MIRY Concertzaal and during the Ghent Festivities also during the day.

Student restaurant

Do you like tasty, well-prepared meals at student-friendly prices? At the student restaurant on campus Bijloke, you've come to the right place.
Student restaurantlocation

Het Paviljoen

The Pavilion is an empty showcase that provides space for imagination and experimentation. The space is currently used for collaborations between residents, students and renowned artists.
Het Paviljoenlocation