31.08.24, 17:00, Alejandro Fenollosa Beltran & Helena Ruiz Sánchez, We Remember Not

“We Remember Not”: a collaborative work by Alejandro Fenollosa Beltran and Helena Ruiz Sánchez, uses word and performance to reinterpret two compositions: “How To Get There From Here” (2016) by Andrew C. Smith and Anna Sowa's (1987) “Piece for Saxophone and Violin Player” (2020).

"How To Get There From Here" contemplates the utilization of space as a venue for discussions and gatherings. This piece translates the phrase "we remember not the word, but the sound of the word" into a composition comprising three movements. The initial movement utilizes 1,600 speech segments, initially structured into a fixed-media electronic composition through stochastic principles, and later transcribed into International Phonetic Alphabet symbols for human performance. The second movement involves a metamorphosis of the written words themselves, transitioning from one word to another through simple edits: additions, deletions, or alterations of letters. Lastly, the concluding movement is entirely constructed from quotations sourced from English texts spanning from the 14th to the 20th centuries.

The second piece on the program, "Piece for Saxophone and Violin Player," reflects on the historical significance of music within spaces like the Baudelo space. Such rooms have long been dedicated to chamber music, with the violin standing as one of its most enduring symbols. Here, the focal point lies in the physical presence of both the musicians and their instruments, serving as the primary source material for the composition. This process of deconstruction imbues the music with fresh significance, reshaping its essence and narrative.


  • Andrew C. Smith, How To Get There From Here (2016)
  • Anna Sowa (1987), Piece for saxophone and violin player (2020)
During Bijloke Wonderland, KASK & Conservatorium presents music, theatre, performance and visual art by students in the courtyard garden, in a former electricity cabin, in a historic tapestry room of STAM and on the bühnes of LOD and International Opera Academy.
STAM - Baudelozaal
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