16.11.23, 14:00, Almanac

ON REST: an afternoon with the FAIR KIN ARTS ALMANA

In the third edition of Fair Practice, a sustainable dialogue / un dialogue durable we open the almanac from the chapter ON REST. We invite you into a chilled-out setup to question together with some guests our relation to work, to recovery and to how productivity determines our life.

We will practice some of the rituals and scores suggested in the almanac and discuss how changing these habits also might change our relation to other fields.

Our guests for this afternoon are:

  • artist Sandrine Morgante, presenting drawings and the audio of the interviews around burnout
  • dance and shiatsu practitioner Anouk Llaurens will invite us to a deep relaxation ritual
  • artists Chloé Schuiten & Clement Thierry will bring their painted mattresses in the context of Doing Nothing

Beside these presentations we will read, discuss and practice in the chapter ON REST.

Mobilizing and voicing current issues from within the arts field to foster connectivity and relational perspectives of kin, this book addresses ecology, parenthood, the need to rest in a life that never stops, the urgency for space and infrastructure for artists, redistribution of resources, accessibility of the sector, artistic involvement in politics and much more.
The FAIR KIN ARTS ALMANAC includes the voices of more than 130 artists, writers, and activists spinning their thoughts and experiences into 12 chapters around a year.

This book is a wheel - a wheel of kinship.

Place it vertically in front of you, open its pages and spread them evenly around its spine. 

The wheel of kinship is circling around an essential working field of our society - the field of the arts.

Fair Practice, a sustainable dialogue is a series of encounters organised by State of the Arts and LaFAP.
In 2023, we cross our networks and bring together artists and art workers from all over Belgium around themes from the FAIR KIN ARTS ALMANAC.

No money to come to Ghent by train?
We will pay the train ticket up and down to Ghent for 10 people.
Let us know if you want to use this via mail to
First come, first pay!
Free to join in at any point, but we do encourage you to stay for the full program in order to get a full rest.

Let us know if you wish to partake:

free upon reservation
i.c.w. State of the Arts & laFAP
Louis Pasteurlaan 2
9000 Gent