18.04.23, 19:30, Climavore - Eating in a Changed Climate

Deze lezing gaat uitzonderlijk online door. 

Studium invites you to join us as we further learn, reflect, and imagine the future of food. Climavore, a 2015 initiative of Cooking Sections, seeks to propose answers to the increasingly pertinent question: “How do we (and will we) eat as humans (continue to) change climates?” The Climavore research and explorations depart from an open recognition that new seasons are emerging; while the boundaries between spring, summer, autumn and winter shift, and evaporate, we are faced with ever more severe and frequent floods, droughts, soil exhaustion, toxification of the oceans and pandemics. In collaboration with ecologists, marine biologists, agronomists, engineers, and nutritionists, Climavore reveals that our future is likely to be characterised by food production and consumption that is adaptive. How do we prepare for a future in which will we be able to shift to drought-resistant crops, or to filter feeders when water pollution levels spike?

€8 / gratis voor studenten en personeel