22.11.23, 20:00, James Oesi

Bach op bas

Call it the diplodocus, call it the Goliath of string instruments. Behold: the double bass – if you get to see it at all, that is. Large as it may be, in classical circles it is all too often condemned to the depths of the orchestra. James Oesi, bass virtuoso and director of the Dutch Double Bass Festival, proves that things can be done differently and puts the spotlight on the instrument: solo. More so, he subjects the instrument to the ultimate pieces of string literature… the cello suites by J.S. Bach! And yes, the old giant is certainly flexible, with a palette of unheard overtones that give this repertoire a fresh feel.


J.S. Bach (1675-1750)
– Zes suites voor onbegeleide cello, BWV 1007-1012

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