26.06.24, 17:30, Robin Lambrecht, Andreas Duchi, Jeane Flo, IKARO, BRINES, mastersounds day 5

Robin Lambrecht, 17:30 — Turbinezaal

The music of Robin Lambrecht and his band is a fusion of post-rock and jazz, through set compositions with room for emotive improvisation. The band he gathers under his own name is a group of people close to his heart, which is key to sincerely conveying and sharing emotion within his compositions. The focus is on lyrical themes, the blurred line between composition and improvisation and to what extent instrumental music can be narrative. Robin's compositions have been described by others as cinematic, atmospheric, narrative, energetic and to dream away. This sums up what the project aims at; to make the listener dream away, both in a live and listening context, as would happen with a good book, series or film.

Roel Delplancke (drums), Stanzi Cresens (cello), Jesse Vandecaetsbeek (keys), Ruben Van Hijfte (bass), Robin Lambrecht (guitar)

Andreas Duchi, 18:30 — Turbinezaal

In an intimate setting, Andreas Duchi delves into the soulful resonance of the bass guitar. Whether sculpting melodies solo or in duet, his music beckons the listener into a realm of tenderness and warmth, imbued with a touch of mystique that lingers in the air. Join him on a journey where each strum is an invitation to explore the depths of musical expression.

Andreas Duchi (bass), Didier Deruytter (vocals)

Jeane Flo, 19:30 — Turbinezaal

Get ready for a musical explosion with Jeane Flo! Our band delivers a dynamic mix of powerful riffs, refreshing melodies and irresistible grooves that grab you from the very first chord. With a unique combination of influences from classic rock, funk and hard rock, we bring a contemporary twist to the genre. Get carried away by our energetic sound and experience a musical journey with Jeane Flo!

Maxime Aerts (guitar), Catherine Denayer (drums), Noah De Matos (bass), Lucas Heytens (keys), Heleen Desmet (lead vocal), Lisa Baert, Louke Vandorpe, Indira Bergmans (backing vocals)

IKARO, 20:30 — Kelderzaal

Ikaro was born from a shared love of (ethio)jazz, dub and afrobeat. Throw into the mix: feathery horns with a solid jazz background, a generous dash of rakia (fruit brandy, popular in the Balkans), a lavish dose of cutting guitar and bass riffs and energetic percussion, and a highly danceable and slightly mysterious sound is born. They performed on the Jonge Wolven stage at Trefpunt during the past Gentse Feesten, were among the East Flemish selection for Sound Track and whistlingly unite many jazz and rock lovers along the way.

Nele Vernaillen (flute), Cedric Haeck (bass), Kamiel Bossuyt (guitar), Bartas Boots (saxophone and kalimba), Oya Bakiroglu (darbuka, conga, bongo), Ferre Heyvaerts (drums)

BRINES, 21:30 — Turbinezaal

When Justine Rotsaert and Dave Lantsoght traded the Knokse beach for the rehearsal room, it soon produced sparks, which Dave skilfully channelled into fat beats and cutting electric guitar work. Combined with Justine's sultry voice, they arrived at a unique sound that no fresh North Sea dive could match.

Dave Lantsoght (guitar, vocals, synths), Justine Rotsaert (vocals, synths), Jens Dolleslagers (live mixing)

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