25.06.24, 17:30, Wannes, Nautilus, I MALATI, Ruben Van Hijfte (feat. HAVAN), Toon Putteman Trio, mastersounds day 4

Wannes, 17:30 — Turbinezaal

Wannes, as the only band member, will transform the stage into a musical laboratory where groovy beats and the sound of his guitar merge into a unique improvisational experience. During this performance, Wannes will take the audience on a journey where he utters every note like a story and considers every beat an adventure. Prepare for an evening full of surprises and musical discoveries, as Wannes is ready to transcend the boundaries of the familiar and add a new dimension to the concept of "live performance".

Wannes (Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Drum computer)

Nautilus, 18:30 — Kelderzaal

Nautilus is four musicians embarking on a vessel exploring their inner self. The music written is a reflection on certain emotions or conditions one might encounter and is a personal musical interpretation of such feelings and struggles. Life is unpredictable and we must be prepared for any circumstances good or bad coming our way. The Nautilus created by Jules Verne is now heading towards yet another mysterious universe. The only one place human beings often fear. The inner self.

Arnaud Guichard (Tenor Sax), Leonard Steigerwald (piano), Otto Kint (double bass), Mattia Gobbo (drums)

I MALATI, 19:30 — Turbinezaal

The experimental octet I Malati brings on the stage an intriguing blend of rock suggestions and free improvisation, poetry and brutality. It is evidently a complex language with intricate layers of sound, rich thematic variety and colorful kaleidoscopic weaves of melodic and rhythmic textures. However, the obliqueness of the meta-theatrical voice, the melodic sweetness and the fiery projection of the blowers, the roughness of the distorted guitar lead the listener to a raw human dimension, providing a fascinating contrast and enriching the emotional narration of the music.

Nathan Isahakyan (spoken voice), Luís Melo (clarinet), Loïs Pluymers (alto), Arnaud Guichard (tenor), Gonçalo Oliveira (electric guitar), Francisco Morato (electric bass), Mattia Gobbo (drums), Aleksandar Škorić (percussions).

Ruben Van Hijfte (feat. HAVAN), 20:30 — Kelderzaal

Rhythmic smiles, heartfelt lyrics, and a hefty dose of Hindustani Classical to fill up your love tank ^^.

Hanne Dollery (piano, guitar, vocals), Robin Lambrecht (guitar), Nathan Goessens (drums), Oya Bakiroglu (doholla), Seppe Vermeiren (sitar)

Toon Putteman Trio, 21:30 — Turbinezaal

Toon believes that the best music is created in the moment of total surrender. To reach this point, there must be a rock-solid form of trust and curiosity within a group. For this, he looked for musicians who have spent countless hours in rehearsal rooms with a passion for improvisation and a singular vision. Spurred on by his current teacher Lander Gyselinck, Toon writes compositions that are a reconciliation between contemporary jazz, free improvisation and the occasional touch of electronica. Each composition is seen as a blank canvas. In it, they search for the limits of both the musical framework, their own creativity, physical possibilities, the musicians' ears and the audience's ears. Expect an adventurous concert in which three young musicians, connected by their love of jazz, interact, improvise and create through their instruments.

Toon Rumen (bass), Thibaut Deryckere (piano), Toon Putteman (drums)
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