thibault goudket

27.06.24, 17:30, thibault goudket, SGQ, Danzel’s Projects, AYATARU, Finding Emo, mastersounds day 6

thibault goudket, 17:30 — Turbinezaal

Merging guitar loops with live electronic sounds that tickle the ear I’ll be taking the vulnerability of recording music on my own, in my home, to a live setting for the first time.

Thibault Goudket (gitaar, bas, electronics, drums)

SGQ, 18:30 — Kelderzaal

SGQ is a dynamic quartet driven by an unwavering passion and care for music. Ever curious, SGQ endeavors to find a sense of warmth and trust in the music and each other, creating a space of intense intimacy for the musicians and its audience.

Sam Goekint (drums), Jonas Paenen (piano), Tristan Tarras (double bass), Elly Brouckmans (altsax)

Danzel’s Projects, 19:30 — Turbinezaal

My master's thesis will consist of a collection of projects in which I am active. During my performance, I will make a long crescendo from an intimate set to a banging band that will make you dance.

Frank Boddin (vocals, keys), Marte Truyers (vocals), Stan den Heijer (vocals, guitar), Dave Lantsoght (guitar), Robin Vantomme (keys), Inigo Grau (bass), Jef Denissen (bass) and Bartas Boots (alt-sax).

AYATURU, 20:30 — Kelderzaal

AYATARU is the world created by drummer/producer Thijs van Scharen. He blends his love for beats, beat making and deep groove, with influences ranging from UK breakbeat and the avant-garde hiphop scene of LA, IDM and spiritual jazz. All wrapped up in rich textures and warm sounds. Catching the moment as it comes and create new worlds where the head nod and dancing meets the deep thoughts within. This collage where each composition is a different scene, a different vibration can be viewed as a film – where the listener is guided through and can create their own narrative.

Ee (EWI, sax, bass clarinet), Alexis Boone (keys), Sander Huys (bass), Thijs van Scharen (drums)

Finding Emo (Tibo Polleunis), 21:30 — Turbinezaal

A once in a lifetime experience…literally! For his final school project Tibo Polleunis will channel his inner sad boy straight out of a 1999 high school movie. They’re here to break hearts and fuel your existential crisis! Dresscode = black.

Tibo Polleunis (drums), Edward Kuijken (bas), Tim Toegaert (gitaar), Achilles De Raedt (gitaar), Vincent-Laurens Seys (vocals)

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