Paul Demets, teacher

Paul Demets is lecturer in general and specific theory in KASK & Conservatorium and educational didactician at Ghent University, reviewer, essayist, poet and performer. With Hooman Jeddy he made the short film Verfhuid in 2022, with Hasan Pastaci the poetry films Boreaal (2022) and Nieuwe korven (2023). Both poetry films were selected for the Zebra Poetry Film Festival in Berlin, Nieuwe korven also for the Dutch Poetry Film Festival in Zutphen (2023). For his poetry he received the Herman de Coninck Prize, the Jan Campert Prize and the Paul Snoek Prize.

In KASK & Conservatorium, Paul Demets teaches the subjects Artists' Texts 1, Writing, Study of Literary Texts 2, Narrative Strategies and Text Dramaturgy. He also publishes regularly on poetry, theater and visual arts.