Tim Duerinck (1991) studied violin making at KASK & Conservatorium. He completed a PhD in the art of instrument making in a cooperation between Ghent University and KASK & Conservatorium Ghent on the topic of alternative materials for music instrument making.  

Duerinck's instruments have been used in a variety of international concerts and recordings and have been exhibited as visual pieces of art by Design Museum Gent, Texture Museum, Cello Museum and BOZAR. Composers Patrick Housen and Reinhard Vanbergen have written music specifically for his instruments.

During his career Tim Duerinck has received multiple awards for his instruments and research: Henry Van de Velde Gold Award: Crafts (2021), Floris Van der Mueren prijs (2016), Emile Zola prijs (2016), Vlaamse scriptieprijs (2015). 

Currently he combines his artistic practice as a contemporary luthier working with fiber reinforced composites such as flax fiber with continued research on the same subject as a project from the research centre Futures Through Design. Tim Duerinck teaches a master seminar on alternative materials for music instruments which is open to all the students of KASK & Conservatorium.