The Collective Collection is a participatory procedure that starts from the appreciation and (re)use of stray heritage. In collaboration with participants who choose, donate, name, organize, classify, value, assemble, interpret, wear and/or photograph everyday utensils, artist Kristof Van Gestel gradually develops strategies and techniques for this procedure.

The Collective Collection works with objects and words, with play and conversation, with bricolage and philosophizing, ... And with as many people as possible; to gather many different views, polyphony and idiosyncratic practices.

The Collective Collection wants to contribute to the awareness of our relationship to the things around us. The way we in heritage museums collect, organize, value, classify, display and tell stories about objects is used in this project as a lens through which we can understand that relationship.

192 pages
published by Kristof Van Gestel
2021, NL
5 euro