'Dierschap' is an inspiring reflection book for anyone professionally involved in the planning, design, construction or maintenance of urban spaces. After all, animals not only play a central role in providing all kinds of ecosystem services, they also bring color to the city.

Often there is interest among urban planners, designers and managers to do something for urban wildlife, but in practice there appears to be a lot of hesitation. How do you actually begin to incorporate animals into planning, design or management?

This book aims to stimulate reflection on the subject and provide some guidance. With two philosophical reflections on the place of animals in the city and ten inspiring stories from policy, design and management practice, the book aims above all to persuade the target audience to start working for and with animals in the city.

185 pages, 17 x 22 cm, ill., hardcover
published by Gompel&Svacina
2019, NL
ISBN 9789463711685
32,5 euro