Historische tuinen en parken in de Zuidelijke Westhoek 1795-2015

A unique insight into the history of garden art the late 18th century to the present day Castle estates excite the imagination. They evoke power and prestige, magnificent salons, vast parks and monumental avenues. This book tells the story of castle estates in the southern Westhoek - their glorious past and at the same time tragic fate during WWI and subsequent reconstruction. At the beginning of the 20th century, the southern Westhoek was one of the most important castle regions in West Flanders. The layout of castle parks and gardens reflected the lifestyle of the nobility and bourgeoisie and their ideal images. 

WWI, however, marked the abrupt end of this dream image. Castle estates now functioned as military headquarters or strategic observation posts and romantic parks were transformed into some of the most gruesome battlefields of the First World War. But even today these domains remain references in the landscape. 

This book therefore grants you an exclusive look at the recent revaluation of several castle domains in this region by renowned landscape and garden architects. This richly illustrated reference work was created under the impetus of the Hogeschool Gent. 

Steven Heyde studied the history of castle domains with an eye for the cultural-historical context in which they arose. He compiled all this into a fascinating reference work, which is also important for a better understanding of the history of garden art in Flanders. Harlind Libbrecht and Joris Verbeken supervised the project.

240 pages, 300x260 mm, ill., hardback
published by Lannoo
2015, NL
ISBN 9789401425742
49,99 euro