Een artistiek onderzoek naar de voorwaarden voor de poëtisering van digitale media

'Poëtische Machine' deals with Jerry Galle's artistic practice and more specifically the disruption of (digital) media such as films, photographs and electronics through doubt processes. Besides electronic applications such as cube robots (the 'Poetic Machine'), digital films and self-written software, drawing plays a role within Jerry Galles practice. These drawings are reflections on the theme of digital doubt within electronic environments. The text describes this theme from psychological, art historical, pataphysical, imaginary, but above all, individual perspectives. A poetic-machine text is additionally included that transformed the original manuscript through language algorithms. The poetic-machine text is seen as co-authored and allows the reader to experience the manuscript from a machine perspective, although the machine texts have been extensively adapted by the author.

288 pages, 24,5 x 16,5 cm, softcover
published by MER. Paper Kunsthalle
2012, NL
ISBN 9789490693367
29 euro